Second Nature Botanicals

Hello! I'm Kirsty, the creator of Second Nature Botanicals. My happy place is creating beautiful natural products for you in our kitchen. It smells absolutely ah-mazing! We are self-confessed green nerds, which is why we started to question the amount of yucky plastics we were using in our home and wanted to tread light on our planet.  This is why our beautifully designed GLASS bottles are completely REUSABLE and REFILLABLE to be used again and again.

Did you know that most supermarket cleaners don't list their ingredients on their labels!? WTF, absurd, I hear you say and we're feeling you (ahem, they are also full of some very nasty S%#T!). We literally make each of our products by HAND so we know exactly all the natural and kick-ass goodness (think 100% essential oils and none of those head-ache inducing synthetic fragrances or nasties) that goes into each bottle. Of course we also list all of the beautiful plant-based ingredients on our labels that we have formulated. Nothing to hide here! 

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