We are a family nurtured venture based in Mount Maunganui. All the products we stock are thoughtfully selected from New Zealand companies who share the same values and philosophies we do.

New Zealand is thriving, not only with flourishing biota but businesses committed to providing pure, safe and sustainable products that care for our planet. Our vision is to spread these vibes and honour our county’s brilliance. While being beautifully raw, relatable and transparent in the process. 

The Boho Grove is founded from the reminiscence of a special journey shared by two friends, combined with honoring the magic and beauty of growth.

"Boho" resembles a free-spirited lifestyle. Inspired by art, love, self expression and being who you truly are.

“Grove” resembles growth and standing tall, together as a community. Collaboration, nurture and freedom. With a strong connection to our roots and nature.

The Boho Grove has been created with the intention of growing a community that encourages a holistic and environmentally conscious lifestyle. From the products used in daily life, to thoughts, how they are planted and the actions that follow. No matter how big or small the movement it starts with YOU. Grow a life you love.