I own my existence

Jina Hudson-Grove

The following was originally written to a family member who expressed concern about the choices I was making in my life. Although I have still never said any of this to them, it felt better writing it for myself. It eased me through the very emotional situation.

I choose to share it to empower others and emphasise that it is no one else’s place to tell you how to live your life. Of course be grateful for advice and support, but there is a line and when someone crosses it you need to stand up for yourself and what you believe in and hopefully be respected for that.

Who I am as a person today is someone I love, I am proud of and I accept 100%. I've come to this on my own journey due to every path that I was given or that I have taken and I can honestly say I feel very humbled and grateful that I have come to this point in my life so early in life. Not to say I am not still learning and growing, I always will.


I'm grateful for every single thing that has happened to me or that I have experienced, because it has made me who I am right now. I love that person, so how could I feel regret or resentment towards anything that has happened prior to now.


Maybe in some ways I feel I have lived a lot longer than the 30 years that I have been alive. Who knows if we have old souls? Maybe I see things clearer because of this. I know the majority of my life is yet to come, or maybe not - no one knows this right?


I move forward with my life every day with conviction that I am living my true self and that everything happens for a reason, good or bad, but we learn from absolutely all of it. It's what we choose to make of these situation that makes us who we are.


How does one become wise without learning? More importantly how does one grow with out learning? I believe in mental evolution, and I don't think it is possible for someone to evolve without learning or accepting a place and time in their life that served a purpose and then moving on from that on to new purpose.


There is no end to the things you can learn, it all just comes down to how you apply yourself. All I can say is this excites me, all I want to do is LEARN as much as I can while I'm living this life.


No one else can walk in my footsteps and fill my shoes. I take full responsibility for my life and everything I do. I live by two overpowering things that no one can deny.
1 Life is short
2 You are the only person in charge of your journey


"Have the strength to accept the things you can not change, have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to know the difference."


So with all of this in mind, my 2 main goals in life are; firstly - to be 100% content and free when I lay my head to rest for the last time, knowing I have lived my life the absolute best way that I can. Second, to embrace and share as much as possible while I'm alive.


I have an essence in myself that everything is going to be OK, because I'm going to make it OK. No one else is going to do that for me. If you truly know me, you would know that the last thing I would do is leave my fate in someone else hands. I own my existence.


I just don't think it needs to be any more complicated than that. It's society and conditioning that makes up all the rest of it. As humans on this earth it's up to us to decide what we do with it, what we make of it, how we internalise it. Does all the other stuff really matter? Who does it matter to, you? Cause it doesn't matter to me.


I will continue to live MY life for myself for the rest of my life, regardless of all that comes along the way. I trust in my process. Are you going to leave content and happy with no regrets when you rest your head for the last time?


I think when you realise ultimately the only person you are in control of is yourself and ACCEPT the rest is out of your control, that takes 99% of the load off.

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  • Caro on

    Awesome and very enlightening read hun, could not agree more. If only everyone could understand this concept the world I believe would be a much simplerand peaceful place💜

  • Henrietta on

    Believe in yourself, have courage and it’s your journey. Let no one take away your divine essence or let them soil your true being. Your heart tells you what is right for you and what isn’t. Listening to that little inner voice and trusting it will set you on the right path. As you are aware already no one can walk in your shoes and experience life and living as the challenges and lessons are yours. You will make it, in fact you
    already have. Bless you Jina.

  • Beauty Tofu on

    Raw & Powerful food for thought x

  • Krissy on

    Gorgeous, I couldn’t agree more ❤️

  • Jess on

    Beautiful, honest words ❤️❤️❤️

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